The Polyglass range of materials was originally developed to create a spray-applied protective coating which offered all the performance advantages of a flake glass filled system, together with improved ease and speed of application.Over the years, the Polyglass range has expanded to include different formulations developed to meet specific application requirements. Today, these products are used throughout the industrial world, to protect components as diverse as offshore process vessels, pipelines, structural steel and even hospital hot water tanks. 
Polyglass has proven highly effective in extremely corrosive environments. Specially formulated to give optimum ease of application and short cure cycles, Polyglass offers a remarkably low permeation rate, combined with excellent resistance to abrasion and cathodic disbondment. The inherent durability and undercutting resistance of this high performance coating enables it to remain intact, even when damaged through to the metal substrate, with negligible under-film creep. 

Polyglass 100

A two-pack, iso-phthalic polyester acrylic glass flake coating.

Polyglass Anti-Static

An electrically conductive two pack cold cured acrylated ester system loaded with flaked graphite and glassflake designed to dissipate static electricity.

Polyglass Ecoflake

A styrene-free bisphenol polyester glass flake.

Polyglass Hand Applied

A two-pack, Polyester glass flake for hand application. Except for viscosity this product has similar properties to the spray applied version of Polyglass.

Polyglass Pipe Grade

A polyester glass flake pipe coating, specifically for application using centrifugal pipe rolling techniques.

Polyglass PPA

A peroxide catalysed, glass flake polyester primer.

Polyglass PPV

A two-pack peroxide catalysed vinyl ester glass flake primer.

Polyglass Standard

A two pack cold cured polyester/acrylic co-polymer enhanced with flaked glass.

Polyglass VE

A cold cured glass flake vinyl ester acrylic co-polymer.

Polyglass VE Ecoflake

A glass flake styrene free vinyl ester acrylicco-polymer.

Polyglass VE Hand Applied

A thick two-pack, polyester or vinyl ester/acrylic glass flake for hand application.

Polyglass VE Pipe Grade

A two-pack, cold cured glass flake vinyl ester acrylic co-polymer, enhanced with flaked glass, specifically formulated to be applied using a centrifugal pipe rolling rig.

Polyglass VE Veilcoat

A resin rich, two-pack, cold cured vinyl ester/acrylic copolymer containing small quantities of wax.

Polyglass VEF

A glass flake vinyl ester acrylic co-polymer.

Polyglass VEFT

A two-pack cold cured vinyl ester/acrylic co-polymer enhanced with flaked glass.

Polyglass VEFWR

A glass flake abrasion resistant vinyl ester co-polymer.

Polyglass WCP

A peroxide catalysed glass flake polyester primer.

Polyglass Zipcoat

A rapid curing, two-pack, multi-monomer isophthalic polyester glass flake coating.