The sugar industry is facing a unique challenge today, trying to keep sugar production economically viable in light of rising input costs and declining sugar prices in a highly competitive international market.

To make matters worse, the high cost of equipment maintenance each season adds to the difficulties. To overcome this challenge, the sugar industry must find a way to extend the life of their equipment and reduce maintenance costs.

Through years of expertise, KCPL has discovered a way to make equipment more robust and energy-efficient by refurbishing it with advanced "Glass Flake Filled High Performance" anti-corrosion coating technology. It is a solution that the industry can't afford to ignore.

  • Injection water pump
  • Spray Pond water pump
  • Unstrained Juice pump
  • Strained Juice pump
  • Sulphated Juice pump
  • Juice Handling Tray
  • So2 Vapor Pipeline, Sulphated Juice Handling Pipeline
  • Boiler Feed Water, Hot Water - DM water Tank
  • Molasses Tank
  • Caustic Soda Tank
  • Trash Beam
  • Valves